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Know the latest models of the Nike LeBron series before it even hits the market! Be one of the first people to know what’s new about LeBron’s shoes and know the updates on these models. We also offer you information on all the shoes already released under his series. Get the “feel” of being the “King” by grabbing these shoes.

Lebron James Basketball Shoes Nike Zoom

Nike Zoom Lebron Soldier - Navy Patent Leather

Nike Zoom Lebron V
Last season, I witnessed how Lebron James took away again the crowd’s eye right before my eyes by just wearing the latest design for his Nike series – the Nike Zoom Soldier. The White/Navy/Gold and White/Gold colorways of the Nike Zoom Soldier distracted my attention for quite some time.

At the Cavalier’s open game last Friday, I was dumbstruck to see LeBron wearing another colorway of the Nike Zoom Soldier. This time, I was startled to see a white version with a navy patent leather structured in a sleek form. The shiny, dark toe of the design creates a high contrast on the white base color, which, I think is simple but elegant. I am really not much into the Nike Zoom Soldier collection. However, the straps downrightly accentuated this pair of shoes making it very conspicuous in hard court.

This pair will be part of the limited release of the Nike Zoom Soldier. Together with this recent model are the other versions of this design which are the Zoom LeBron Soldier Christ the King Player Exclusive.

Zoom LeBron 5

Nike Zoom LeBron 5
No one has the complete game like LeBron. Dangerous from all five positions, he keeps opponents off guard with a massive arsenal of moves. His unstoppable inside game. His magic touch from the outside. The infamous tomahawk. And don’t even get me started on his defense. With the rock locked in his five fingers of death, there’s no limit to what he can do. To celebrate the return of the King, we present the Zoom LeBron V. A clean, classic white body with a navy blue patent leather toe cap, the shoe features a polished front strap adorned with a golden swoosh and the mighty crowned lion emblazoned on the tongue. And in case you forgot where it all began, a map of Akron is embedded in the sole.

Zoom LeBron 4

Nike Zoom LeBron 4
The Zoom Lebron 4 will be the fourth Zoom Lebron signature shoe. From first glance, you can see a striking resemblance to the Playoff colorway of the Air Jordan 11. These shoes have a split outsole that look very much like the Nike Free shoes and the upper appears to be a posite material. The front of the shoe has “XXIII” on the front which is the Roman numeral for Lebron’s jersey number - 23. Nice Kicks got an exclusive sneaker peak of other parts of the Zoom Lebron 4 and I’ve got to say that these are going to be the best Zoom Lebrons yet. The shoes have a carbron fiber shank in the sole which will provide great support. The shoes also have elastic bands that go across the tongue like the Nike Uptempo. The shoes also feature the famous King James lion logo on the tongue. So far we have seen 3 colorways of the Zoom Lebron 4 - White/Navy, Black/White/Red, and All Black. These shoes will be ones you do NOT want to miss out on.

Zoom LeBron 4 Fruity Pebbles

Nike Zoom LeBron 4 Fruity Pebbles
Inspired by LeBron James favorite cereal Fruity Pebbles, comes the Nike Lebron IV which nickname stats it all. You do not need a closer look to see the multi colored midsole which resembles the cereal but you do need to look a little closer to see the matching sockliner. With the white leather uppers goes hand and hand with the cereal theme. Click more to see all the pictures, and below we have the wallpaper (same as above) for you to use.

Out of the bazillion different Player Exclusives Lebron has stepped onto the court this year, there is no single shoe talked about more than the “Fruity Pebbles” Lebron 4. These shoes have gone on tour with Lebron James displays across the country and may now be available to the public.

According to a few sources, the “Fruity Pebbles” Lebron 4 will be available as an online only release. Limited to 250-300 pairs, it has been rumored that these will sell for $250.

Zoom LeBron IV All-Star 2007

Nike Zoom LeBron IV All-Star 2007
To celebrate LeBron James’ selection to the 2007 NBA East All-Star Team, Nike is scheduled to release a Las Vegas inspired Zoom LeBron IV. The “All-Star” LBJ IV features a Gold upper with Maroon accents and a Metallic Gold sole.

The Nike Zoom Lebron IV All Star Edition are available in Las Vegas only.

Zoom LeBron III

Nike Zoom LeBron III
Zoom LeBron III. The new design with leather support tabs, full zoom air unit in the heel and forefoot, carbon fiber spring plate, great traction and the sphere technology in the collar to offer comfort and helps manage moisture makes the Zoom LeBron III one of the best basketball shoes ever made!

The Nike Zoom Lebron III are the third edition in the Lebron James signature shoe line produced by Nike. The Zoom Lebron 3 combines again great design for style as well as for performance. With Nike having paid $90 Million for LeBron, keeping him injury free was a top priority. Many of you may remember that Grant Hill got a $80 Million deal from Fila, but due to his reoccuring injuries, that endoresment was a major loss for the brand. The Zoom Lebron 2 was designed to protect Nike’s biggest asset on the court, but the Zoom Lebron 3 does an even better job.

For starters, the Zoom Lebron 3 has better grip on the hardwood than prior models. This helped Lebron make more point guard like cuts on the floor without risking losing his grip. The Zoom Lebron 3 again featured a sturdy support shell at the back of the shoe. This, along with a reinforcing TPU clip, prevents a serious injury from an ankle rollover. In the middle of the sole, the Lebron 3 has a carbon fibre shank plate which provides additional lateral support.

Zoom LeBron 20-5-5

Nike Zoom LeBron 20-5-5
The Nike Lebron 20-5-5 was released in the summer of 2005. The Lebron 20-5-5 are the first Lebron shoe not part of the Zoom Lebron line. The relationship is similar to the Jumpman shoes which carry the Jordan name and logo. The Nike Lebron 20-5-5 are a great shoe for basketball whether on the street or the hardwood.

These were a pretty big hit for a summer sneaker and so big that Nike is bringing out the Nike Lebron 20-5-5 again for the summer of 2006.

Zoom LeBron II

Nike Zoom LeBron II
The Nike Zoom Lebron 2 was the second signature shoe released under the Lebron name. These shoes blew away the Air Zoom Generations on so many levels and are still today argued to be the best Lebron shoes ever made. These featured a double stacked Zoom Air unit underneith the entire shoe. The shoe also had far more support than before with a stiffer sole. Nike went a little crazy with the laser machine and lasered Lebron’s LJ23 logo and King James lion logo on the shoe as well as other accents.

The low cuts were a huge success. These sold better than any Jordan low that I can remember. The low cuts also had a very striking resemblance to the mid cut version sold earlier in the year.

For his 20th birthday, Nike released an online exclusive “Birthday” Lebron 2s. These were all black and made of a premium quality of leather.

Nike Air Zoom Generation

Nike Air Zoom Generation
The title Nike has bestowed upon Lebron James signature shoe is a fitting one. The term Generation refer to a new era for both Nike and the basketball world alike. When Dr.J ended his career in '84, a rookie by the name of Michael Jordan carried on the torch to open a new era of basketball. As MJ fades into sunset in 2003, Lebron is ready to seize the vacated throne and take things to yet another level. As legacies are built and generations evolve, the importance of the Air Zoom Generation can not be measured easily. For Nike, what's at stake is more than the $90 million to secure Lebron. At the root of the company's dreams is a vision that the LJ23 signature line can eventually replace the ultimate legend of our times - the Air Jordan. If you are unconvinced, just look at where the resources are being assigned at Nike headquarter. Eric Avar, Aaron Cooper, and Chief Designer Tinker Hatfield (yes, the same legend that designed Air Jordan III through AJ XV) were ALL put on the project to design Lebron's first shoe. In terms of sneaker design, that is a world-class Dream Team aka Barcelona '92. You know what they say: "the thing that you spend most of your time, energy and money on will be the thing most important in your life". In this case, Nike's foremost importance has been the Air Zoom Generation.